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TVD Season 8

Hi coronets! I’m back with some news!

If you are a TVD fanatic like I am, then you certainly know, that today (21th of october) the 8th season is going to air on The CW! Since I live in Switzerland, I will have to watch it tomorrow sometime, but I can’t wait to see the 8th season! I would love to see, what ship you would like to see endgame (for me: Bonenzo, Delena, Klaroline)! See you soon and go watch it!

XOXO Virgi

Holiday Update

Hi Guys,

this weekend is my last one before school starts again. We are in Stresa at the moment, in the „Grand Hotel Bristol“. It’s amazing! Unfortunalety the weather isn’t as good as it could be, but nevermind. Since my laptop isn’t here, I cannot post a picture, that’s why you can visit the official instagram account, where I will post a picture.

XOXO Virgi

New Haircut

Well, hello there coronets!

Today I had to wake up at 7 am? But I must confess it was worth it, because I finally got the haircut I was dreaming of. I was kind of inspired by Elena Gilbert in the 4th season of The Vampire Diaries. I loved those loose side bangs (but I didn’t made the red highlights tho…) So are you ready to see the haircut? Sure? Well here it is:


Well, of course this picture wasn’t taken right after being cut, but I still think it looks cute. What do you think? I’m not sure how I will be cutting my hair the next times, but I’m secure, that this look is going to stay inside my style. I would love to read your thoughts on my haircut, feel free to comment!

XOXO Virgi

A lazy day with friends

Hey coronets!

Here is a little check-list, for all of you, if you are planning to have a lazy and cozy day with some of your friends:

  • Snacks (veeeeery important)
  • Movies (or Netflix, in my case)
  • A comfy place to chill while watching that stuff
  • Drinks (part of the snacks, but never mind)
  • Funny moments (do you know, these moments, when you are no longer able to breathe, because one of your amazing friends said something extremely funny?)
  • And of course: AWESOME FRIENDS <3

This is the official recipe for a perfect lazy day with your friends!

XOXO Virgi


Hey coronets,

you won’t believe what happened yesterday! Do you remember when I told you about my new shoes? Like you know, those are for my halloween costume (but of course also for my closet). That evening, I told my family „Now, the only thing I need more are my black angel wings“ Before I wanted to start making plans when I would search online with my mother, she said: „Oh, I already found some, most probably they are already at home (we weren’t at home at that point)“. So, when we arrived yesterday they were already there! They are sooo beautiful I am so happy!

Most probably I will make a halloween video (yes a video, right here on this blog) and you will be able to see my complete look. If you want, I can also make a makeup tutorial, based on my halloween makeup (black angel).

XOXO Virgi

2 things I hate about holidays

Hello coronets!

Some of you might know that I’m on holiday. The first week I was in IBIZA, which was amazing! But although holidays themselves are amazing, there are at least 2 things I hate. The first thing is: I don’t speak every language, clear right? But when I am somewhere else, this is a massive problem. In Ibiza (Eivissa) you speak Spanish (oh, what a surprise, thank you for the input). I love learning other languages, but when I’m there it’s kind of a crappy feeling when I have no other option than to start speaking Italian or sometimes English, unless my mother is there with me. She speaks Spanish like a pro and she’s always the one saying: „No, no, I can only speak a little bit, I only know the basics“ and then, when someone tells her that she’s very good, she is surprised and tells us that this person has no clue. Come ON?! So this would be the 1st thing, having no clue what other people are telling me, or trying to tell me.

Now to the 2nd thing: PACKING. OMG, if someone doesn’t understand this, then I don’t know on what planet I am. This is soooo annoying. I mean, at first you take out everything very carefully, put in the drawer, you hang things up, you buy some new stuff (because at that point you forget that your luggage won’t grow) and then, there is the problem who drives all of us crazy. You try to put in your new shoes, right next to your second bag, but then you realize that you have already worn them twice and you think that it isn’t the best idea to put your shoes next to your favorite bag because it could get dirty. Then you have your big laundry bag. You first try to stick the whole bag (filled) inside your suitcase, then you notice that you would have more space if you would take out everything and put your pieces in individually. Then you do that.

Do you people get my point? Packing is hell. Literally.

I hope you can relate to these problems and if you do I would really love to see a comment right here, see you next time <3

XOXO Virgi

10/8/16 My new shoes

Hello my dear coronets, and welcome back!

So today, I went shopping with my family. Now, that it’s october, I’m in my usual halloween-fever. This year, I started planning my costume in the early days of september, because I absolutely love halloween, although I really don’t like horror movies so… There are strange things in this world, hm? My costume is going to be a black/fallen/death angel (call it like you want). I will be dressed all in black and I will be making my own mysterious make-up which I LOVE to do!

Some weeks ago, I realized, that I don’t have any matching shoes, which also look a little edgy and dangerous (if you know what I mean). So today I thought it would be the perfect time to find the perfect shoes. We were in several shoe shops and I never found the right pair, until I found this following pair from CREEKS:


These shoes are gorgeous, believe me. They have the perfect heel height for an evening outside with friends, when I have no time to change into more comfortable shoes, because they already are very comfortable although they are a little higher than other outside-fall-shoes. Now the only thing I’ll need more are black wings, but that won’t be a problem, since I already found some big and not to expensive ones on amazon. I was searching for a black lipstick too, until I finally found one from essence!

See you soon, coronets!

XOXO Virgi

My Top Charts at the moment

Hey coronets!

I wanted to let you check out my music, since it’s a big part in my everyday life. I hope u will find a new hit song for yourself!

  1. Tove Styrke – Borderline
  2. Christina Grimmie – With Love
  3. Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In the Name of Love
  4. Walking on Cars – Speeding Cars
  5. Jason Walker – Down
  6. Mike Perry feat. Shy Martin – The Ocean
  7. Todrick Hall feat. Jordin Sparks – Waterguns
  8. Sleeperstar – Details
  9. Ron Pope – A Drop In The Ocean
  10. James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go
  11. Hedley – Perfect
  12. One Republic feat. Sara Bareilles – Come Home
  13. Rascal Flatts – What hurts the most
  14. Eminem – Rap God (because, come on, he really is a Rap God)
  15. Mockingbird, Lose Yourself and others (Eminem is king no matter what year it is!)

Yes, some of these songs are definitely not the newest, but I love to hear all kinds of songs, because most of these are very very important to me.

So, I hope u can find some for u too and I would really like to know what your #1 Hit is at the moment! See u soon!

XOXO Virgi

Healthy, gluten free Pancakes

Hey Coronets!

Thank u for coming back here on my blog!

Today I will show u a healthy and gluten free pancake-recipe. Like u know, I have to eat gluten free because of my celiac disease. That’s why I was searching for gluten free, but also healthy recipes for pancakes because that time I wasn’t even able to remember the last time I had pancakes. I tried one recipe I found and I absolutely fell in love with it. Some of u may know, that I love changing some things and do my own thing, that’s why I changed some ingredients, but I still think they are delicious. Now to the recipe:

Healthy and gluten free banana-pancakes

U need:

1.056 fluid ounces soft butter

1 tbsp vanilla sugar

1 tbsp white sugar (optional, u can use honey instead, like I did)

7.7 fluid ounces almond milk (if u have none, normal milk is going to do the job just as good)

1 egg

1 tbsp amaranth

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 pinch of salt

2 ripe bananas

6.336 fluid ounces gluten free flour

2 tsp baking powder

oil for the pan

7.04 fluid ounces fresh blueberries

honey or maple sirup (honey is healthier btw)

So now u have to put the butter, the vanilla sugar, the white sugar (or honey for that matter), the milk, the eggs, the amaranth, the cinnamon and the salt in a bowl and mix it up very good. Then crumple the 2 bananas and put them inside the mixture. Then mix the flour and the baking powder together and put it inside slowly.

Now u can cook your pancakes in your pan by pouring some oil inside it, make small piles of dough and then cook both sides of the dough until they are golden on both sides. Put the pancakes on a pile on a plate, pour sirup or honey over it and put some blueberries on top. I’m sure u and your friends and family are going to love these pancakes!

I can’t wait to be back!

XOXO Virgi

This is the original recipe with no changes from me, but it is german.


Welcome back!

Hi Guys, and welcome back, or better, I welcome back myself…

Well, I guess some of you asked yourself where I’ve been. So, I’m very into my Youtube Channel and I some kinda lost or, didn’t exactly knew where my password was, because after my blog got hacked (clearly this is some time ago), we had to change the password. Now, I guess that’s already enough about me, being gone…

I will try to change this blog more into a real fashion blog and not post any stupid short things. I will also try to change to post again some more… Maybe some of you are thinking right now: „Yeaaah sure, she is again saying something about that she is going to post more, but in the end she will still only post around all 2 weeks..“ But believe me guys, I’ll try my best to really take care of this blog and of course also of my Youtube Channel. About the Youtube Channel, I also changed there some things like: I always post a video every week on monday, I’m only speaking Swiss German there… I’m still thinking about making a second channel, where I’m only going to post English, like here… So, that was my WELCOME BACK- post, and I hope you’ll still be here to watch the changing process, which is going to happen soon.

See ya! XOXO Virgi