2 things I hate about holidays

Hello coronets!

Some of you might know that I’m on holiday. The first week I was in IBIZA, which was amazing! But although holidays themselves are amazing, there are at least 2 things I hate. The first thing is: I don’t speak every language, clear right? But when I am somewhere else, this is a massive problem. In Ibiza (Eivissa) you speak Spanish (oh, what a surprise, thank you for the input). I love learning other languages, but when I’m there it’s kind of a crappy feeling when I have no other option than to start speaking Italian or sometimes English, unless my mother is there with me. She speaks Spanish like a pro and she’s always the one saying: „No, no, I can only speak a little bit, I only know the basics“ and then, when someone tells her that she’s very good, she is surprised and tells us that this person has no clue. Come ON?! So this would be the 1st thing, having no clue what other people are telling me, or trying to tell me.

Now to the 2nd thing: PACKING. OMG, if someone doesn’t understand this, then I don’t know on what planet I am. This is soooo annoying. I mean, at first you take out everything very carefully, put in the drawer, you hang things up, you buy some new stuff (because at that point you forget that your luggage won’t grow) and then, there is the problem who drives all of us crazy. You try to put in your new shoes, right next to your second bag, but then you realize that you have already worn them twice and you think that it isn’t the best idea to put your shoes next to your favorite bag because it could get dirty. Then you have your big laundry bag. You first try to stick the whole bag (filled) inside your suitcase, then you notice that you would have more space if you would take out everything and put your pieces in individually. Then you do that.

Do you people get my point? Packing is hell. Literally.

I hope you can relate to these problems and if you do I would really love to see a comment right here, see you next time <3

XOXO Virgi

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