10/8/16 My new shoes

Hello my dear coronets, and welcome back!

So today, I went shopping with my family. Now, that it’s october, I’m in my usual halloween-fever. This year, I started planning my costume in the early days of september, because I absolutely love halloween, although I really don’t like horror movies so… There are strange things in this world, hm? My costume is going to be a black/fallen/death angel (call it like you want). I will be dressed all in black and I will be making my own mysterious make-up which I LOVE to do!

Some weeks ago, I realized, that I don’t have any matching shoes, which also look a little edgy and dangerous (if you know what I mean). So today I thought it would be the perfect time to find the perfect shoes. We were in several shoe shops and I never found the right pair, until I found this following pair from CREEKS:


These shoes are gorgeous, believe me. They have the perfect heel height for an evening outside with friends, when I have no time to change into more comfortable shoes, because they already are very comfortable although they are a little higher than other outside-fall-shoes. Now the only thing I’ll need more are black wings, but that won’t be a problem, since I already found some big and not to expensive ones on amazon. I was searching for a black lipstick too, until I finally found one from essence!

See you soon, coronets!

XOXO Virgi

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