Welcome back!

Hi Guys, and welcome back, or better, I welcome back myself…

Well, I guess some of you asked yourself where I’ve been. So, I’m very into my Youtube Channel and I some kinda lost or, didn’t exactly knew where my password was, because after my blog got hacked (clearly this is some time ago), we had to change the password. Now, I guess that’s already enough about me, being gone…

I will try to change this blog more into a real fashion blog and not post any stupid short things. I will also try to change to post again some more… Maybe some of you are thinking right now: „Yeaaah sure, she is again saying something about that she is going to post more, but in the end she will still only post around all 2 weeks..“ But believe me guys, I’ll try my best to really take care of this blog and of course also of my Youtube Channel. About the Youtube Channel, I also changed there some things like: I always post a video every week on monday, I’m only speaking Swiss German there… I’m still thinking about making a second channel, where I’m only going to post English, like here… So, that was my WELCOME BACK- post, and I hope you’ll still be here to watch the changing process, which is going to happen soon.

See ya! XOXO Virgi

Autor: virgi

Hi, I'm Virgi! I'm almost 14 years old and absolutely inspired by the fashion world, and my big dream would be to become a fashion-journalist. If you want to know more about me, then checkout my About Me - Virgi menu button! XOXO Virgi