About Me – Virgi

Hello people out there and welcome to my blog!

This blog was created by me, to let you have a view into my sometimes normal, sometimes more unusual life! I’m an almost 14 year old girl with a passion for fashion, makeup, music, hair, The Vampire Diaries (come on, who not?) and other topics to which similar victims of a teenager life (like me) can relate. I always wanted to do something like this, so in the early months of 2015, my dream started to become reality. My goal is not to achieve a very impressive digit of readers and followers, but to be able to show you people how my life is going and with what I am obsessed through the days, the weeks, the months and of course the years. I’m a very passionate writer, singer and dancer, since I started dancing almost 11 years ago.

Some people may know, that starting a blog or a youtube channel can be very intimidating, because you are going to be confronted by other people who are 1. trying to bring you down by their evil critics or 2. trying to help you grow with your blog with their nice critics. But guys, don’t worry. If you love what you are doing, then nobody will ever be able to bring you down…

I’m very happy that you decided to read my whole „About“- text and now you are kindly allowed to check out my blog!

See you soon coronets, XOXO Virgi

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